“We develop high-tech solutions to give a better future for Venice and its inhabitants.”

What SerenDPT is currently doing in the H3 Factory

  • Upcoming Events

    Mentor Sessions – more details to come

    Check back for when and where!

    Guest Speakers

    We will have more information on possible guest speakers soon

  • Filming in H3

    Check out the movie set for the film being shot in H3!

  • Welcome

    This blog page will be used by SerenDPT to keep the Venice and surrounding community updated on different events and programs that the H3 Factory will be hosting.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Who do we work with?

We have not only created products but are collaborating with others to create something new! Check it out here!

Not only are we creating our own products, but we are also working with our research teams and grants to come up with new ideas! Learn more here!

How did SerenDPT obtain the H3 space?

Check out the H3 Factory page here to learn more!