H3 Factory

Our Headquarters is set up in the former convent of Saints Cosmas and Damian (Ex-Herion). 
H3 is the new innovation center in the historic center of Venice: from here we work to meet the needs of the city by developing our projects and startups, hosting events, training courses, and networking experiences.

History of the Space

The Foundation

The monastic complex is completed in 1492, although the church was consecrated only in 1583.

The Change of Function

It became a state property and transformed into a barracks, to later become a hospital and even a salt factory for sheep farming.

The Fabric Factory

In 1895 it was sold to the German brothers Herion who transformed it into a factory for fabrics and yarns, changing its structure: two internal floors were created with production lines, steam, suction systems, and large concrete tanks.

The Restoration

With the ownership of the last Herion heir in the 1980s, the structure was acquired by the Municipality of Venice and completely restored in 2008.

The Apse

The conservative restoration brought to light the original dome, the apse and the side lunettes, signed by Gerolamo Pellegrini.

They date back to the 17th century, when the church housed paintings by Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Padovanino, Jacopo Palma the younger.

What’s in the H3 Factory?

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