What is SerenDPT?

Founded in 2017, SerenDPT is a Benefit Corporation with a clear mission: create high profile job in Venice by developing Made in Venice tech products, in order to solve some of the city’s problems in several strategic areas and then sell those solutions in the rest of the world.

We are innovators

We give shape to ideas. 

We believe in open innovation and contamination between digital and tradition as essential ingredients to valuable projects with impact on our territory and real social benefits.

We are job creators

It’s known, finding a job in Venice is not so easy.
But is critical to allow people to remain, live and work here.  

Digital is giving us new opportunities of employment. Many of our project are becoming startups and we are making them grow.

We are social innovators

We find technology-driven solution to social problems. 

We use and analyze big-data to find out social needs of our city, we develop high-tech projects to face them.

We are researchers

All our projects have strong study bases and scientific methodologies. 

We have a data-driven approach in finding answers to problems and needs and all the knowledge that we gain is returned to the city and made public.

We are proud of our 30 years of partnership with Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Massachusetts), which every years send us up to 30 students.

We are coders

We design and develop digital products using cutting-edge technology in order to provide high quality and scalable solutions. 

We love Venice, our city, and through technology we are contributing to transform it in a real Smart City.

H3 Factory

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